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Cloning of Oracle DB Server /Client via Ghost. Is it feasible? [message #438544] Sun, 10 January 2010 19:18 Go to next message
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Hi all,

I have some questions regarding the migration of ORACLE database from one physical server to another.

Currently, I have an old server (which is going to scrap off soon) and I need to migrate all the data within to another new empty server.

As both servers are almost the same in spec, my friend suggested cloning the image of the old server to that of the new one(via ghost)

Is it feasible to do so?

Also, I am going to get a new PC soon and since I am also using the same OS (which is XP) can I also 'Ghost' it so that I can save the hassle of re-installing the Oracle Client all over again?

Hope all experts in this forum could provide some valuable info for me a newbie in this area

Thanks a million and in advances

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Well, Ghost is for copying entire *harddrive* contents.

So if you mirror the entire harddrive to a new machine the question is not so much if Oracle will work, the first question is if the copied OS will work on the new machine, since it might find hardware it was never installed on.

If the OS works, then Oracle should also work.
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Kevin Meade
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I clone my disks every year as part of a backup strategy.

My personal PC has lots of software, Oracle included. I buy a 100$ disk drive from Staples and clone the existing drive. Then I bank the old one. Never failed me. I use Windows OSs.

You should consider the following however.

1) as was indicated, if you install to a different computer, your OS copy may need to load different drivers for the hardware configuration. This has never been a problem for me because a) I have always had internet access and been able to get any obscure drivers I needed for the new hardware, b) I often am not upgrading hardware so no new drivers needed.

2) these days many PCs are sold with preinstalled OSs that are tied to the hardware you bought. These OEM versions of your OS can have hardware hooks in them. Thus it is possible that when you move your cloned disk to a new machine, the OS will not boot because it believes you have copied it to a new PC (which you have) that is not from the same OEM vendor and thus violates your sales and use aggreement either with the OEM vendor, or your OS vendor (Microsoft in my case). This has never actually happened to me, but think E-Machines. I am a big fan of these having only owned E-Machine desktops for 7 years running, and moving between E-Machines has never resulted in a no-boot scenario for me, but I was required on more than one occassion to "register" my copy of the Windows OS before it would let me in.

3) there are some software components that seem stubborn to cloning. I have had issues with Microsoft tools (OUTLOOK, WORD, EXCEL). I often must reinstall these after a clone and I have yet to understand why. The point is, software piracy protection schemes can get in your way with other software on your box, especially when you are changing hardware.

But all in all, Oracle should be no problem with the possible exception of network identity of the new machine.

Good luck, Kevin
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